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FYF introduces you to the brands and retail items that you are looking for and that you never knew you needed (new, preloved, and rental pieces) in regular, special, gender-based, and maternity sizing through algorithm-based service requests, social shopping, expert advice, and constant personalized recommendations!

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Find Your 'Fit


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How FYF Works


Create your FYF profile


Receive personal item recommendations through paid services or just because free constant personal recs via text or email


Shop your personal recommendations that get better and better over time!

Fill out a quick quiz to get your account set up and give us the necessary info to send you your personal recs! From there, request as many free services you want and receive personalized recs our team wanted to show to you just because!

Receive a digital service filled with items from our carefully designed database full of hundreds of brands that is filtered by our algorithms and then handpicked by our 'fit finding team just for you or pieces we thought you would like while we build our product in its fullest form!

Visit the attached links of all items sent to you to purchase items from brands and determine what worked best for you. Notice that nothing will be shipped until you decide from the brand or store the rec comes from.

A Word From CEO and Founder, Emily Martin


Welcome to Find Your 'Fit, a vision of mine that has been two years in the making. It was almost three years ago now that I found myself taking my passion of finding new brands and items to love seriously. I knew that people struggled shopping, but I had no idea that I would later be putting outfits together for nearly 70 people a week in a personal shopping role. However, I was 20 at the time and wanted to build something with an eye and insights from my generation, for I knew it was time for us to come in with our new retail-tech innovation, that helped consumers wanting help limited by certain business models and that had needs being completely ignored and underserved by the retail industry, so I left and dedicated the past few years to being able to create a product that truly makes shopping easier for everyone.  For now, enjoy our "beta" website where you can request several forms of guided shopping services from our trained personal shopping team, our "'fit finding team", and we will be able to identify your predicted size, why we recommended that specific brand and item for you, and more via email or text and receive personal recommendations for items for free as well. Sign up to be a part of the FYF community and receive your first batch of personal finds and recs today (but get excited for what else is to come)!  

Request personal shopping services and receive FREE constant recommendations just because!

Our 'Fit Finding Services!

Here at FYF we offer 4 categories of personal shopping services


Needing a new look or want an outfit put together for a specific occasion or reason? Styling is perfect for you! In every styling service, we will pull 5 pieces together to give you a whole new look! 



Have someone important to find a gift for, but need help finding something they'll be sure to love? Gifting is your service! We will pick 5 options for you to choose from for that special person.


Item Request

Looking for one specific item? Item request is what you should choose! We do our best to give you 5 options of the exact kind of item you are looking for! You can also ask for a full look recommendation upon request.


Guided Shopping

Have a vacation to go on, need new seasonal items, or want a closet refresh? Guided shopping is for when you need several items for a specific reason. We will send you 5 items.


Receive your FREE personalized finds today!

Ready to choose your service?

Not sure what you need?

FYF is all about the retail customer, so expect everything to be just for YOU!

We personalize every item suggestion sent to you

Here's what you can expect to have done with every item sent to you!


Predict Your Size

Every brand has different sizing and we take that into account for you by using your real measurements and items that already work well for you size wise!

Match it to Your Personality/Style and More!

Leave it in Your Price Range

Unless you indicate otherwise, we want to make sure you aren't overspending!

Make Sure its Brand Aligns With You!

Build your FYF profile and receive your first personalized item recommendations today!

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