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The ultimate personalized shopping experience platform

FYF provides you with everything you would need to find your perfect 'fit all in one place

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We've crafted ways to benefit brands and creatives, but our number one priority is always the retail customer, better known as you!

"your customized fashion playground"

Welcome to Find Your 'Fit, a vision of my own that has been two years in the making. Over the past two years, I have gotten jobs in retail, fashion, technology, and business, and have taught myself how to code, AI, and UX design all to create the most beneficial platform for users, creatives, and brands on the market. This is something I am personally so passionate about and I knew that if I wanted to found a fashion technology company, that I needed to be knowledgeable and have experience in all areas myself. I studied what consumers look for while shopping, how AI can be used to better and further personalize the retail consumer experience, how brands correlate to one another, and created new fun ways to benefit every retail party. The retail industry has been begging for a centralized location to shop and store all things fashion and here it is. FYF has everything anyone would ever need to find their perfect 'fit. 

A Word From CEO and Founder, Emily Martin

Everyone needs to find clothes, but before FYF, there wasn't a tool to help everyone do so!

We see shopping as:

A scale of experience with and knowledge of what you look for in your clothing and shopping experience as a whole

We have carefully crafted useful tools for every level of retail consumer


For the novice or consumer short on time


For the individual struggling to find clothing that fits or style inspiration


For the consumer wanting to connect more with the brands they wear, support new and upcoming designers, or just trying to broaden their style horizon

We're keeping specifics a secret for now, but get excited for the future of commerce!

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Find Your 'Fit

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