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How FYF Came to Be

During my sophomore year of college, I worked as a personal "stylist". It was that role that taught me how largely consumers struggled while shopping and opened my eyes to just how many individuals struggled finding pieces that not only they could love but that could also fit them and that they could wear on certain occasions and to certain places, just how much they enjoyed receiving personal help, and more. However, the perfectionist that I am, I wanted to help even more and wanted to find a fresher way for those who needed and wanted help and guidance that wasn't being taken into consideration anywhere by anyone. Because I knew how valuable my experience was, I knew I had to be the one to be in charge of the development of FYF, so I took plenty of time researching the products that were currently on the market and how consumers currently shopped, taking it so far as to work in retail stores on top of my busy schedule for greater and more valuable primary research. What I found was that it was so obvious what had to be done, but I knew I was young and that I needed to ensure that it could, for why had no one made this product I visualized yet?  The growing FYF team is proud to be developing the future way to shop, but it has taken years of hard work and research to even be able to get to the point where we are today. We know of many large retail-tech players, but the problems we are solving still exist today and FYF will be the one product that solves them.

FYF for Users

As a user, you will be able to fill out information personal to yourself that will be used in our guided shopping services we offer. Every item is handpicked by our team performing a new definition of a form of styling, our "'fit finding team", from our FYF database full of brands and items that we have built to be able to predict what size would fit you best and more. 

FYF for Creatives

As a creative or individual willing to use their shopping expertise to help another consumer, we've created a platform that allows you to have yet another income stream and creative outlet to use your talent to help others in need. You will be uniquely represented like never before and be able to exist on FYF in a brand new way, so we are keeping that private for now. 

FYF for Retail Parties

As a retail party, you are given the ability to utilize another platform for selling your items while promoting further brand exposure and educating potential customers more on what your brand is and the team behind it. We are passionate about brands and are creating a future space to help you. Our technology simultaneously increases operational efficiency and allows you to learn more about your customers and how your items truly fit and what consumers are specifically liking or disliking about your items. FYF promotes, uses, and helps retail parties in various future ways.

FYF for Everyone

FYF was truly built to help everyone in need find the clothing they are looking for, that they never knew was best for them, and to educate and soothe them during their shopping experience in the overwhelming retail landscape that exists today. Due to this, we also promote locations that our community can find to donate new clothing and clothing from their own wardrobes to those in need. Everyone deserves to find their 'fits and we also want to be able to promote as much movement away from overconsumption as we can.

Find Your 'Fit is for anyone with a wardrobe. No matter your age, size, budget, or style, we believe that after using our carefully designed platform, you will find your 'fit.

Let's help guide you in your shopping experience today!

(just as I would sign off on my personal styling notes back in the day)

Best wishes,


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